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Last on the tour plan: Tenerife with Intel

On April 3rd 2017, our CEO Joaquim Moreira dos Santos and our Intel Sales Specialist Philip Bosch went to Tenerife to participate in the Intel STEP EMEA 2017 from April 4th 2017 to April 5th 2017.

Of course, it is not a coffee trip when representatives of our company travel internationally: The Intel ISTEP EMEA was equipped with a tight schedule for two days.

Day 1 (sales and product-specific topics):

  • Key performance indicators for the past financial year
  • Revenue comparisons using: regions, countries, product editions
  • Roadmap for the new year
  • Innovations in pre and post-sales support

Day 2 (marketing related topics):

  • Corporate Marketing from Intel Software
  • Innovations in Online Marketing for partners
  • Channel marketing processes – how to work with Intel and distributors optimally

At the end of the event, Intel awarded prizes to top-performing partners for exceptional performance. A prize awarded to SOS Software Service as well:

Greatest sales growth when selling professional editions


These topics were discussed at Intel ISTEP:

  • Exponentially increasing data volume worldwide
  • Issues with a high demand for development know-how
    • 5G – Mobile Devices need fast processors and faster applications
    • Cloud infrastructure and applications
    • Deep Learning
      • Extensive tools, libraries, programming languages selection and compilers
      • The goal is to provide a so-called software ecosystem on Intel architecture so that essential component of AI, namely deep learning, can be easily developed
    • Virtual & Merged Reality
      • High demand for high-performance hardware and software
    • Automated Driving
      • Intel is currently one of the few companies that can offer a comprehensive, scalable and flexible platform to meet the market needs

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