JetBrains Partner Conference 2017

SOS Software Service also hoist the flag in Prague

The employees of SOS Software Service are constantly on the road and represent the company all over the world.

Also in the week before Easter, two employees swarmed out and raised our flag at this year´s partner conference of JetBrains in Prague.

We build contacts from all over the world

Christine Tiefenthaler (Produkt Champ for JetBrains products) and Cynthia Hermann (Business Development Manager) traveled to Prague to get to know other participants of the of the event already one day before the official start of the event.

In addition to participants from Germany, partners from all over Europe and Asia have been present.

“We are always looking forward to getting to know partners from all over the world and to get in touch with them”

–  Christine Tiefenthaler & Cynthia Hermann

Topics of the event:

Due to major changes in the organization JetBrains, much has been taught about the latest working methods of the software manufacturer. Therefore, the topic of JetBrains Partner Portal was particularly interesting for the partners. Moreover, these points were on the agenda:

  • JetBrains Partner Portal improvement suggestions
  • Sales-Training
  • Marketing and Strategic Training
  • Individual discussions between partners and JetBrains employees

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