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Intel Parallel Universe Magazine is a quarterly publication dedicated to ideas and innovations in software development.

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  • Ausgabe 51: The Case for SYCL*
  • Ausgabe 50: Maintaining Performant AI in Production
  • Ausgabe 49: SYCLomatic: A New CUDA*-toSYCL*Code Migra
  • Ausgabe 48: Winning the NeurIPS Billion-Scale
  • Ausgabe 47: Vectorization in LLVM and GCC for Intel CPUs and GPUs
  • Ausgabe 46: Getting Started with Habana® Gaudi® for Deep Learning Training
  • Ausgabe 45: Analyzing the Performance of Reduction Operations in Data Parallel C++
  • Ausgabe 44: Reduction Operations in Data Parallel C++
  • Ausgabe 43: Solving a 2D Heat Equation Using Data Parallel C++
  • Ausgabe 42: Programming Data Parallel C++
  • Ausgabe 41: DPC++ for Intel Processor Graphics Architecture
  • Ausgabe 40: 10th Anniversary Issue
  • Issue 39: Heterogeneous Programming Using Intel oneAPI
  • Issue 38: Accelerating XGBoost for Intel Xeon Processors
  • Issue 37: Leadership Performance with 2nd-Generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processors
  • Issue 36: Boosting the Performance of Graph Analytics Workloads
  • Issue 35: Advancing OpenCL for FPGAs
  • Issue 34: OpenVINO™ Toolkit and FPGAs
  • Issue 33: Advancing Artificial Intelligence on Apache Spark with BigDL
  • Issue 32: Computer Vision for the Masses
  • Issue 31: FPGA Programming with OpenCL
  • Issue 30: Driving Performance with Intel® Advisor's Flow Graph Analyzer
  • Issue 29: Tuning Autonomous Driving Using Intel® System Studio
  • Issue 28: Transform Sequential C++ Code to Parallel with Parallel STL
  • Issue 27: The Present and Future of the OpenMP API Specification
  • Issue 26: Modernize Your Code for Intel® Xeon Phi™ Processors
  • Issue 25: Supercharging Python* for Open Data Sciencew
  • Issue 24: Improve Productivity and Boost C++ Performance
  • Issue 23: Modernising Code for Tomorrow's HPC Problem-Solving
  • Issue 22: Putting Vector Programming to Work with OpenMP* SIMD
  • Issue 21: An Introduction to MPI-3 Shared Memory Programming
  • Issue 20: From Knights Corner to Knights Landing: Prepare for the Next Generation of Intel® Xeon Phi™ Technology

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