Our team has grown

“That must work somehow! If not, then different”

The new quarter starts with great news: Our Team has grown. How she would describe herself? “Energetic, perfectionist and not to forget even a little chaotic”

Well-founded expertise coupled with sympathy has convinced us and we are looking forward to welcoming Bianca Külls and introducing her in a short interview.

“That must work somehow! If not, then different”

What did you do before?

An economic study of mathematics (while being a student at Fujitsu, a.o.) and the last four years I worked as a Business Development Manager at a distributor with manufacturer responsibility like Citrix, Trend Micro and ThinPrint.

What is your function at SOS Software Service?

I make all available information and data so usable for us and our vendors/partners and customers as much added value as possible. A large area of responsibility is the automation of the price calculations and that what belongs to it with the aim of the smooth import of all price lists and articles provided to us.

What do you like the most about your work?

Finding the best possible overview of everything that is interrelated. Optimizing processes, “cleaning up” and facilitating their work through optimization and automation measures.

How do you spend your evening?

Running along the Wertach, a tributary of the Lech (River), to cook or bake something extraordinary, eating with friends and learn for my business informatics master´s program.


We are pleased with this growth and wish her all the best with SOS Software Service.

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