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You want to expand your customers base or focus on one specific target group? Then you should keep an eye on us: Take your benefit from our contact with small companies, value added resellers and broadline distribution.

Our connections in the regions of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Eastern Europe are the strongest points for choosing us as your distribution partner. Go-to-market-strategies, marketing activities or just assisting you in decisions – we will help you with our thirty years of experience and the knowhow we collected.

We are the interface between the vendors and the customers

Distribution means partnership

Distribution includes spreading products. How do costumers receive products? The most important requirement of a successful company is an functional interaction of sales, marketing and logistics. A premise which is always included in our offer for vendors.


Our team is always well briefed about the details and specials your product represents. You may be certain that we always act in your interests and represent you und your products the best way we can.


The perfect execution of bookings is an ideal basis for a functional distribution. Short lead times are the reason for the fast delivery to our customers.


Our marketing activities are always in consultation with the vendors. Small activities like newsletter and webcasts are also part of our extensive repertoire like sophisticated  campaigns and your presence on trade fairs. With our support, your costumer base will be extended anyway.

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