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1447519 4516157413 987588 WSUS

How to Apply Your New Licence File [Subscription_118841_xxxxxxxxxx.lic]

There are multiple ways to apply your new licence file to your installations. Choose what’s easiest for you.

You can either:

  1. Run WAM Configuration (GUI) [Windows Menu > Programs > AJ Tek > WAM Configuration (GUI)]. On the License screen select Update Licence and point to where you downloaded the license file. Once you receive confirmation that the license file has been imported successfully you can quit the installer.
  2. Rename the file you download to “WAM Licence.lic” and replace the existing file at %ProgramData%AJ TekWAM
  3. Using the unattended installation: WAM.Version.exe /S /U /I-ACCEPT-EULA /LICENCE “LicenceFile.lic

We hope you’ve enjoyed how easy WSUS maintenance has been with our software and thank you for your support of our product.

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